Overcoming Life

Overcoming Life

2 Seasons

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Overcoming Life
  • Episode 1: Setting the Scene for Battle Part 1

    Episode 1

    "Warfare" is about you learning the majesty of God and being wise to the enemies tactics.

    - There are two kingdoms: light and dark.

    - Two battles over every issue: the one to take ground and the second to hold it.

    - Two encounters with Jesus: As savior, then as Lord.

    - ...

  • Episode 2: Setting the Scene for Battle Part 2

    Episode 2

    Majesty and supremacy of God is the scene being set for battle. Our expectation is to fight & win.

    - We are unashamed triumphalists in Christ.

    - Rejoicing is key in warfare.

    - Victory is a gift from Jesus the Overcomer, not earned.

    - What if the greatest lack in America i...

  • Episode 3: Setting the Scene for Battle Part 3

    Episode 3

    It's not enough to get victory. We step up into becoming overcomers and more-than-a-conquerors.

    -Be more captivated with the beauty and majesty of Jesus than the opposition of the enemy.

    - Only be subjected to the pressure of joy, peace and laughter. Set your mind on things abo...

  • Episode 4: Anatomy of a Good Fight Part 1

    Episode 4

    A "good fight" is when we aligns with God's intention - and an understanding of the enemy's tactics.

    - Perception is vital seeing God's preparation and perspective.

    - Enemy tactic #1: Intimidation. It's cheap. We intimidate him with worship.

    - Warfare is not about taking a...

  • Episode 5: Anatomy of a Good Fight Part 2

    Episode 5

    A majestic perspective allows us to stand and occupy.We prosper because we partner with majesty.

    - Perceptions determine your mindset. Elisha's servant only saw the enemy. Elisha saw God's majesty and provision.

    - Our first tactic of warfare: Live in the presence of God to see...

  • Episode 6: Anatomy of a Good Fight Part 3

    Episode 6

    We stop paying attention to the enemy & only look for where God's majesty & provision are present.

    - After upgrading our perceptions, we need to think about our situations only with the Mind of Christ.

    - It's in your DNA to present yourself to the enemy as an overcomer in Chris...

  • Episode 7: Anatomy of a Good Fight Part 4

    Episode 7

    We're citizens of the Kingdom first, our nationality second. Learn to speak your first language!

    - The Kingdom is your New Covenant country and territory. Learn its language.

    - Every situation is not a test. It's an example, a training place.

    - What you confess about Jesus...

  • Episode 8: Hiding in God's Presence Part 1

    Episode 8

    Hiding in God's presence is an act of war. Knowing who He truly is for us overwhelms all opposition.

    - The enemy works by penetration, demoralization and subversion. This session focuses on penetration.

    - The key target for penetration is negativity in relationships with peopl...

  • Episode 9: Hiding in God's Presence Part 2

    Episode 9

    The enemy seeks to penetrate our relationship with God and others through negativity.

    - If we're celebrants, we can celebrate anything. Don't engage in negativity towards others.

    - Difference between "true"and "Truth." What's true in behavior isn't necessarily the Truth about h...

  • Episode 10: Hiding in God's Presence Part 3

    Episode 10

    Baggage of old thinking is exchanged for the luggage of God's promises and true identity.

    - Behavior is baggage. Identity is luggage.

    - "Present/Past" means you're allowing something from your history to impact your present negatively.

    - "Present/Future" means you discover...

  • Episode 11: Hiding in God's Presence Part 4

    Episode 11

    Key to Freedom? The true nature of God. He only sees what's missing, not what's wrong.

    - God isn't dealing with our failures, lacks or humiliations. He simply plans to give you something more beautiful instead.

    - He doesn't want our performance. He wants our response to His lov...

  • Episode 12: Hiding in God's Presence Part 5

    Episode 12

    God isn't dealing with the old you. He's only working and developing the New You in Christ!

    - Like a new dress or new car: Trade in the old for the new!

    - Isaiah 61 "Instead List" activation. You're learning to be new in Christ.

    Colossians 2:14
    Ephesians 4...

  • Episode 13: Reclaiming Your Inner Territory Part 1

    Episode 13

    The enemy seeks to demoralize. God takes that territory, overcomes and gives you a ministry in it!

    - We're vulnerable when we believe that WE are the focus of our spiritual development, not God.

    - The enemy continually works to dishearten us by putting the weight of our proces...

  • Episode 14: Reclaiming Your Inner Territory Part 2

    Episode 14

    God wants you to be God-conscious. The enemy seeks to make you self-conscious.

    - Life in the spirit and life in the flesh are both progressive. Which path will we follow?

    - Passivity is a key tool of demoralization.

    - Poverty mindsets are not about finances, but about being ...

  • Episode 15: Reclaiming Your Inner Territory Part 3

    Episode 15

    Demoralization is overcome as we lives as beloved children of God.

    - Demoralization occurs when we allow the world into our troubles, instead of God and His Kingdom ways of perceiving, thinking and speaking.

    - God works in wisdom, not problem-solving logic.

    - Disillusionment...

  • Episode 16: Reclaiming Your Inner Territory Part 4

    Episode 16

    Ministry session: for those need a gift of God, have prodigal children and struggling businesses.

    When we're demoralized or working with demoralized people, the path to renewed relationship with God is through a gift, not self-effort.

    Delight in soaking in the prayer ministry and prophetic ...

  • Episode 17: Renewing Your Expectation Part 1

    Episode 17

    Session of worship, prophetic promise and prayer you can join with us in!

    Use this session as a devotional support to your journey into The Overcoming Life: Undermining the Enemy experience.

    Revisit it often.
    Don't try to take notes.
    Soak in the affection and hope of God for yo...

  • Episode 18: Renewing Your Expectation Part 2

    Episode 18

    God is making us into His image. The enemy wants to subvert you into his image.

    - The enemy seeks to steal your identity, kill your confidence and destroy your potential. But more - he seeks to recruit you as an ally.

    - God wants you to perceive yourself and others as He does...

  • Episode 19: Renewing Your Expectation Part 3

    Episode 19

    We're learning how to be 100% for Jesus in everything, love the learning & live in His keeping power.

    - We're all learning, both what to do and what not to do. Love the learning because God does.

    - Negativity will subvert us from the majesty and provision of God. We'll fail to ...

  • Episode 20: Renewing Your Expectation Part 4

    Episode 20

    In Christ, we can live above our circumstances, through the genius help of the Holy Spirit.

    - The more you collapse into your circumstances, the more potential you have to become an ally of the enemy. Become confident in who the Holy Spirit is as your Helper.

    - If you are easil...

  • Episode 21: Renewing Your Expectation Part 5

    Episode 21

    Love the learning. It's the process that makes you rich. The work isn't hard because God's yoke is easy.

    - Prayer to renounce negativity and receive the peace, joy and acceleration of God.

    - We're learning a holy determination to walk with God through the help of the Holy Spiri...

  • Episode 22: Renewing Your Expectation Part 6

    Episode 22

    God faithfully prepares us and equips us to grow into the fullness of an overcoming life with Him.

    - Nothing works agains the Fruit of the Spirit. It's the ultimate place of victory.

    - When Jesus is irresistible to us, the life He generates cannot be resisted by the enemy.